We are software engineers that understand how to properly design a system for quick release, long term maintenance, and robustness.  We have exceptional skills in custom software development to off-the-shelf software configuration.

Custom Software Development Services

  • Java and .NET Gurus : There are many tools on the market, applications in use, and skills needed to be successful. Our experience in working with a wide variety of tools and applications has given us the knowledge to help your business make the correct technology decisions.
  • Integration : Visual integration, data integration, and application integration all represents different levels and sophistication of data manipulation.  Visual integration of data brings multiple sources of data into a seamless visual presentation, like a portal.  Data integration allows analysis and trend spotting across multiple data sources.  The data appears as a seamless source of data, like a data warehouse.  Application integration enables disparate applications to share information in real-time using messaging systems.  MB Limited can help you achieve the appropriate level of integration for your business.
  • Get It Done! We follow a modified RUP protocol that focuses on making progress towards getting the job done right. We have found use-cases to be an excellent method for defining and communicating functional requirements for transactional systems. Mock-ups early in the process make everyone�s understanding more concrete. Prototypes prove the technical approach and environment. And a work plan based on iterative releases highlights progress, while allowing for refinement, and keeps everyone focused on getting the job done.