We are software engineers that understand how to properly design a system for quick release, long term maintenance, and robustness.  We have exceptional skills in custom software development to off-the-shelf software configuration.

Data Warehousing Services

  • Business Objects Wizardry :  MB Limited has implemented a number of custom coded Business Objects, Web Intelligence, and Application Foundation solutions.
  • Digital Dashboards : Metrics at a glance help you understand how your company, department, or group is performing without interpreting multiple reports. MB Limited can make the metrics you need available to you with a click of a button.  Our digital dashboards can be made available over the web or inside your Outlook e-mail client!  Stop searching for the information you need and have the information come to you.
  • Web Based Reporting : There are many tools on the market that support web based reporting.  Understanding the strengths and weaknesses are key to a successful implementation.  MB Limited has the knowledge and experience in using Actuate, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft's Reporting Services.  Let us help you make those decisions!
  • Data Extraction and Design :  Building an effective data warehouse or data mart that matches the strengths of your reporting tool is important to the perceived performance experienced by your end users.  MB Limited knows how to build data warehouses that meet the needs of your end users by implementing best practices based on your web reporting strategy.