Enhance Communications
Enhancing communication (internally and externally) is key to becoming a successful business.  To enhance communication, a business must understand the process, encourage the culture, and provide the technology to support both. 

The process helps define the tangible results for a given task.  For example:

  • Meeting minutes
  • Documented decisions
  • Managing risk and project scope

Culture change is necessary for the processes to be successful.  Changing the old culture and establishing a new culture is the most challenging aspect of being successful.  Some example of culture changes include:

  • Email etiquette (correct use of TO, CC, BCC, expected response time, informative subject line, etc.)
  • Calendaring etiquette (keeping shared calendars updated, invitation lead times, including appropriate individuals, on-time, agenda, followup, etc.)
  • Communication etiquette: Email versus Phone (vs. Instant Message vs. Webpage vs. Weblog)

The technologies must be ready to support the new processes and the necessary culture changes.  Technology is the framework by which a business builds its knowledge, supports its processes, and encourages a culture that leads to success.  Common technologies are typically only used to a fraction of their capabilities.  For example:

  • Enabling your e-mail system to manage a project workflow or discussion board
  • Install a digital dashboard into your e-mail client so that key performance indicators are always available

We can help your company enhance communications through workshops on process management, culture changes, tool usage and technology implementations.