Expand the Power of Data
We believe that the data that already exists within your environment can be transformed to provide additional value.  There are many ways in which data can be transformed and MB Limited has focused on the following:


Left alone, data will sit idly in its own silo. To add value, it is necessary to:

  • Extract the data to make it available
  • Transform the data to make it useful
  • Analyzed the data in order to provide the knowledge you need to make the correct business decisions

Information Dissemination

  • Enable data access from any location using web technologies (web services, web server, etc.)
  • Provide employees with the information to do their jobs
  • Providing data to vendors and customers makes for informed partners.

Sharing data between applications

  • Build custom interfaces that allow data to be exchanged between applications
  • Employ real-time data feeds among applications for just-in-time reporting

MB Limited can help you bring your data together, create untapped value using your data, and integrate your systems.