We are software engineers that understand how to properly design a system for quick release, long term maintenance, and robustness.  We have exceptional skills in custom software development to off-the-shelf software configuration.

Project Management Services

  • Get It Done! We follow a modified RUP protocol that focuses on making progress towards getting the job done right. We have found use-cases to be an excellent method for defining and communicating functional requirements for transactional systems. Mock-ups early in the process make everyone�s understanding more concrete. Prototypes prove the technical approach and environment. And a work plan based on iterative releases highlights progress, while allowing for refinement, and keeps everyone focused on getting the job done.
  • External Project Management and Project Audits :  MB Limited has the experience to ensure that your projects run efficiently.  We can diplomatically manage your internal resources to ensure success.  For larger projects we can manage your third party off-shore resources.
  • Effective Project Communications and Management Seminars:  MB Limited has over fifteen years of software project management knowledge and wants to share that with you.  Learn the etiquette of sending project e-mails, who to include, what information to share, and many more fascinating tips!