Our Work

Our Work

MB Limited Work

We’re really proud of our work and the clients we’ve worked with since we started the firm in 2004. We’ve done b2b, b2c, enterprise, non-profit, small, medium and grande. We’ve worked in the financial industry, hospitality, health care and more. Sometimes our work is so impactful our clients would rather we didn’t share the details – that’s OK by us.

There’s a couple of things that set us apart.

First, we can help you figure out what questions you need to answer. You’re the expert at your business but we know how to ask the important questions to help you get the answers you need. From there, we look for a small segment of impactful work. We work together to define it, solve it and show the business real impact – fast.

Second, we are really really good at pulling together different data sources. Your company probably has data in many different data silos. And you’ve probably been told many times that it’s either impossible to bring them together OR there’s no point – you won’t learn anything new by analyzing them in a single system. It isn’t impossible and wait till you see the picture that starts to emerge when you pull that data together. We know because we’ve done it.

Third, we want forever clients not forever jobs. We think a big part of our role is to implement a solution following industry best practices and industry leading technology. The result is a solution that is viable long-term and can be easily supported over time.

Another big difference to our solutions is that every project we complete gets delivered with a set of documentation and learnings that we turn over to your technology operations team. We provide you with everything you need to maintain and extend the data solution we implement. Our goal is to quickly move on to your next big data challenge.